Partnership with Washington National Guard to strengthen TPU cybersecurity

Tacoma Public Utilities is partnering with the Washington National Guard to pilot the new public-National Guard Cybersecurity Partnership Program. The program draws on the region’s military and tech talent to increase cybersecurity awareness supporting multiple benefactors.

As part of the program, the Washington National Guard will conduct a cyber-security assessment of the TPU industrial control systems in support of our critical infrastructure. We expect the test to last one week and occur in August or September.

Following the assessment, the National Guard will provide a report of findings and recommendations on how to close any identified security gaps, further strengthening the Cybersecurity posture of TPU’s mission to provide services vital to our quality of life.

Cyberattacks could cripple critical infrastructure from our election systems to transportation to utilities. Given our long-standing relationship with our partners on Joint-Base Lewis McChord, TPU is a prime candidate for expanded mission assurance partnerships.

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