Join the conversation about transportation electrification in our community

With the passing of House Bill 1512 in the 2019 legislative session, Tacoma Power now has the authority as a public utility to promote transportation electrification through programs, advertising, and direct incentives upon the approval of a strategic plan. Our strategic plan will establish guiding principles for how we will design and deliver programs to support transportation electrification. Transportation electrification offers benefits to customers and our communities, and we want to ensure that we create projects that address customer interest and market trends. An action plan will accompany the strategic plan, and include results from the previous year’s programs and our forecasted projects and programs for the following year.

Stakeholder meeting presentation materials:

You can review the draft of the strategic and action plans below. The public comment window has closed. Public comments are reviewed by Tacoma Power staff and are taken into consideration by the Public Utility Board when it comes time to formally adopt the plans. The presentation to the Public Utility Board is scheduled for March 25, 2020.

Click here to review the DRAFT Transportation Electrification Strategic Plan

Click here to review the DRAFT Transportation Electrification Action Plan

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