How to understand your combined utility bill

Did you know that your utility services come from different divisions within the City of Tacoma? Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) and Environmental Services save you money by combining bills for five services into one.

Tacoma Public Utilities includes Tacoma Power and Tacoma Water, which provides your electricity and drinking water. The Public Utility Board and City Council approve our TPU budget and rates every two years.

Environmental Services provides wastewater (sewer), solid waste (garbage) and recycling, and stormwater services. Environmental Services presents its rate proposals to the Tacoma City Council for approval after receiving recommendations from the Environmental Services Commission (ESC).

Here is the breakdown of your utility services:

Tacoma Power (TPU)

  • Service: Electricity
  • Number of customers: 176,000
  • Areas served: City of Tacoma, parts of Pierce County

Tacoma Water (TPU)

  • Service: Drinking water
  • Number of customers: 102,000
  • Areas served: City of Tacoma, parts of South King County and Pierce County

Environmental Services

  • Service: Wastewater (sewer), solid waste (garbage) and recycling, and stormwater
  • Number of customers: 53,000
  • Areas served: City of Tacoma

You can learn more about TPU’s rates on our website. You can also click here to view a sample bill.

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