Clay Norris chosen as Tacoma Power’s power manager

Tacoma Power selected Clay Norris to lead its Power Management section. Norris, who currently works for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), will begin working for Tacoma Power June 30.

“When we interviewed Clay, we were able to check every box for what we were looking for in this role,” said Tacoma Power Superintendent Chris Robinson. “He has 34 years of electric utility experience in similar roles. His recent years at NEEA will help strengthen Tacoma Power’s already high-performing energy efficiency services. Professionally, he’s a great fit; he will also fit very well into our culture.”

Norris’ responsibilities will include planning and managing the power supply portfolio, resource planning, marketing and selling on the wholesale power market, scheduling and dispatching electricity generated at Tacoma Power’s dams, and managing the utility’s energy efficiency services.

“In industry circles, Tacoma Power has a reputation for being well managed by outstanding professionals, so I am honored to join the team,” Norris said. “I have a real passion for energy efficiency and for managing the costs and risks of supplying power to customers, so I’m delighted to serve in this role.”

Since 2012, Norris has served as the director of stakeholder relations for the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. Prior to that he was the division director of power resources for Eugene Water & Electric Board, and served as senior vice president of planning and marketing at Electricities of North Carolina.

Norris holds a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Illinois – Springfield, a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Missouri University of Science and Technology, and a bachelor’s degree in math and physics from Illinois College.

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