City of Tacoma releases RFI/Q to solicit potential partnerships for Click! Network

The City of Tacoma issued a Request for Information/Qualifications (RFI/Q) today to solicit input from qualified entities interested in developing a collaborative partnership arrangement for Click! Network.

The RFI/Q reflects 12 policy goals developed by the Tacoma Public Utility Board and Tacoma City Council:

  1. Continuing public ownership of the telecommunications assets, especially those assets necessary for Tacoma Power operations;
  2. Ensuring geographically, economically, and technologically equitable access;
  3. Creating low-income affordable access to telecommunication services;
  4. Enforcing net neutrality principles for all customers;
  5. Allowing open access to telecommunication assets by other telecommunication providers, to the extent such access benefits customers;
  6. Preserving competition among telecommunication providers that benefits customers (such as high-quality, technologically up-to-date, and reasonably priced telecommunication services), including restricting transfer of ownership or operations that reduce competition;
  7. Safeguarding the use of telecommunications services by Tacoma Power, the City, and other local governments;
  8. Maintaining financial stability of the telecommunications business operations utilizing the Click! assets;
  9. Promoting economic development and educational opportunities;
  10. Providing job options and security for Click! staff and protecting the intellectual capital of the system;
  11. Protecting customer privacy
  12. Preserving Click!’s goodwill, including via its market-leading customer service for telecommunications customers

The RFI/Q asks respondents to address how they would meet these policy goals while expanding the existing customer base, upgrading the network as required, and providing operational support.

The RFI/Q invites responses from potential partners including incumbent service providers, existing internet service provider partners, competitive providers, nonprofit organizations, cooperatives, public entities, and entities that are not traditional connectivity providers but are interested in offering service under innovative business models.

The City of Tacoma contracted with a public sector broadband consulting firm, CTC Technology & Energy, to lead the development of the RFI/Q, review responses, and make recommendations to the City. CTC Technology & Energy has more than 30 years of experience working for public agencies throughout the United States.

“I am optimistic that we will hear from a variety of organizations that see the Click! Network for the valuable, well-maintained asset that it is,” said Joanne Hovis, president of CTC Technology & Energy.

Tacoma leaders will consider options for Click! at the conclusion of the RFI/Q process in May.

Responses to the RFI/Q must be received no later than April 27.

Read the RFI/Q.


About Click! Network

Click! provides competitive residential and business services, including cable television, high-speed data, internet and broadband services in the cities of Tacoma, University Place, Fircrest, Lakewood, Fife and portions of unincorporated Pierce County.

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