Brown & Haley partnership creates a sweet deal for candy production

Partnering with local entities paid off for Brown & Haley, makers of Almond ROCA. They reached out to the City of Tacoma and Tacoma Public Utilities for assistance with the removal of an 80-year-old traffic hazard. Outside, two towering power poles were directly in line with the candy maker’s drive way.

The poles and transformers were once the power-house to the 100-year-old building, but as Brown & Haley got ready to expand its candy production, it needed an upgrade. By moving the transformers from the poles to the ground near existing utility boxes, Tacoma Power improved the business’ electricity supply and removed a safety hazard trucks tried to avoid for years.

“Brown & Haley had to make the upgrades for us to move the poles, and vice versa; we had to move these poles for them to upgrade,” said Dave Rosholm, account executive for Tacoma Public Utilities. “The upgrades are because their business is booming and they have to modernize their lines. It’s a great thing for them and our community,” he added.

The extra electricity will power two new wrapping machines coming later this year.

It’s what it takes to make three-million pieces of Almond ROCA daily at the downtown Tacoma factory. Kathy Renniker of Brown & Haley knew who she could turn to for help.

“Whenever we come into a situation where we wonder what else we could be doing, we know we can reach out to the city,” she said. “We also know we can reach out to Tacoma Public Utilities, and they can provide us with additional support, assistance, and ideas.”

Tacoma Power said the aging poles were a vulnerability on our downtown power grid. Moving the lines improves safety and efficiency for everyone – a win-win. It’s reassuring to know nothing stands in the way of Brown & Haley producing more Almond ROCA. To learn more about Brown and Haley, visit their website at

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