If you start, stop or transfer service with Tacoma Public Utilities mid-billing cycle, your fixed charge for that month will be prorated based on the number of days you received service.

Q: Where is the fixed charge located on the bill?

A: It is located under applicable service headers starting on page two.




Q: Why was my fixed charge prorated?

A: To enable Tacoma Water and Tacoma Power customers to incur fixed charges based on days of service. Environmental Services have already adopted fixed charge proration.


Q: How is my prorated fixed charge calculated? 

A: Based on a 30 day billing period.

Example: Fixed charge @ $24.46/month ÷ 30 = $0.82 x Billing period 19 days = Prorated fixed charge $15.58


Q: When will my fixed charge be prorated?

A:  The first bill after starting service and your final bill when stopping service.