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Zero Interest Loans – Residential Properties



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Tacoma Power offers a seven-year, zero-interest loan to qualifying owners of residential properties (includes rentals up to 4 units) for select energy efficiency programs installed by a contractor that has an active Trade Ally Agreement with Tacoma Power.  



Eligibility Requirements: 

If Approved:

  • You can finance multiple measures in one low monthly payment. Your loan amount and payments will be determined by the energy efficiency improvements you opt to finance.
  • Rebates and/or grants are not available if you receive a loan. 
  • Loan must be repaid in equal monthly payments over a period of 84 months. Loan payments are billed separately from your utility bill. There is no penalty for early loan payoff. 
  • Loan balances must be paid at closing if you sell your home.
  • Loan contracts are not transferrable or assumable. 
  • Home Refinancing – As soon as the energy efficiency improvements are complete, a lien is placed on your home until the loan is paid off. Contact TPU Customer Service before refinancing your home at (253) 502-8600 or email

Loan Amount Examples

   Loan Amount   

   Estimated Monthly Payment   








Basic Loan Eligibility Requirements 

  • The installation address must be served by Tacoma Power.
  • The property owner must be the owner of record for the installation address. 
  • The property owner must demonstrate good credit history, including: 
    • A Tacoma Power account with 5 or fewer credit points.
    • No outstanding debt with Tacoma Public Utilities or the City of Tacoma. 

Call us today for a detailed review of your account to determine if you qualify for our zero-interest loan.

Credit points are based on your payment history with Tacoma Public Utilities. They are not related to your credit score. Customers accumulate credit points for things like late or returned payments, credit-related service disconnection or defaulting on a payment arrangement. 

  • The property owner must have received project pre-approval from Tacoma Power and the completed installation must meet all program requirements.
  • Limitations apply. Financing can include recording fee and sales tax. 

Tacoma Power has the right to deny a customer a loan. Factors may include payment history, outstanding debts, or insufficient proof of ownership. We will contact any property owner if a loan is denied.  





The entire process, from initial conversation to your first loan statement, will vary depending on the circumstances.   

If you feel your property meets the eligibility requirements, contact a Tacoma Power participating contractor to schedule a free estimate. They can also evaluate your home or property to help determine which of our programs would  best meet your needs.




Determine the funding option that best fits your needs. Your contractor can help you determine what, if any, out of pocket costs you may incur. 


Once you select a contractor and determine what incentives you are eligible for and how you will pay for the project, complete the appropriate energy efficiency application:   

*Loans are not available for rental properties with 5 or more units. 


Review the required documents checklist to ensure you have everything you need to submit the application.  

  • Owner-Occupied Documents Checklist
  • Rental Property Documents Checklist (up to 4 units)

Additional documentation required for loan applications.   

  • Contractor bid for each type of work to be completed 
  • Proof of ownership documents. The name on the Statutory Warranty Deed must match the name on the Tacoma Power account and/or the name listed on the Pierce County Assessor data. If the names do not match, we require additional documentation. 

Depending on the circumstances, we may need additional information to show proof of ownership. Acceptable documentation includes:

  • Quit Claim Deed with the grantor's Deed of Trust or Statutory Warranty Deed.
  • Divorce Decree stating who maintains ownership of the property.
  • Death Certificate, and/or legal instrument granting ownership to the survivor.
  • Certification of trust, showing the trust's beneficiary and trustee signing authority.
  • Certified copy of the marriage certificate, driver's license and social security card.

We review the project, your documents and verify your utility account payment history. This process can take 4-6 weeks. If the loan is approved, we mail the following documents for your signature:

  • Customer Loan Agreement
  • Promissory Note and Notice of Lien, which both require notarization. Our office can do that.

Once we receive these signed and notarized documents, we will issue a Notice to Proceed. You may then notify your contractor and complete the installation. Once the installation is complete, the contractor will submit your final documentation to Tacoma Power. 

After the project is complete, inspected and approved by Tacoma Power, payment will be made to the contractor on your behalf. A loan account is established in your name and a lien is filed with the Pierce County Auditor.  

You should receive your first loan statement four to eight weeks from the date your project passes inspection. The statement is not included in or with your utility bill. There are no penalties for early repayment. When the loan is paid in full, the lien is removed from the property. 

Submitting your application

There are several ways to submit your application (listed below):

  • Contractor - your contractor may offer to submit the application directly to Tacoma Power
  • Email - submit the application along with all required documentation to
  • Fax - (253) 502-8572
  • Mail - Tacoma Power, CEP – Main Lobby, 3628 S. 35th St., Tacoma, WA  98409-3192
  • In Person – Tacoma Public Utilities, Conservation Lobby, 3628 S. 35th St., Tacoma

For assistance, please call (253) 502-8363

Apply Today!

Contact us at (253) 502-8363 or email to discuss your eligibility. If you have questions about paying the loan bill, contact TPU Customer Services by calling (253) 502-8600.

Program requirements and rebates are subject to change without notice. Tacoma Power does not endorse any particular contractor, retailer, manufacturer or product. Tacoma Power may require additional information before making the final decision whether to approve the conservation loan. The loan filing fee may change at any time. City of Tacoma employees are eligible for the loan.   

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