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Insulation Upgrades

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Adding insulation to your home can make your home more efficient and comfortable. If your home was built before 1988 and you have electric heat, there's a good chance this simple upgrade could save you money for years to come.   

Sealing Air Leaks and Adding Insulation

Air that leaks through your home's envelope − the ceiling, outer walls, floor, windows, doors, and other openings − wastes a lot of energy and increases your utility costs. A well-sealed envelope, coupled with the right amount of insulation, can make a real difference on your utility bills. In addition, without proper insulation, you will not receive the full value out of other efficiency improvements. You're paying to heat your home so it just makes sense to hold the heat inside instead of heating the outdoors.

For insulation to be effective, it must be installed properly. To achieve maximum performance, insulation must be installed in the right location and without gaps, voids or compressions. Your contractor may recommend repairs to existing insulation or adding insulation when needed. Combined with sealing air leaks, properly installed insulation in attics, walls, and crawlspaces provides for more even temperatures throughout the house and results in a quieter, more comfortable living environment.

If you live in an older home, there’s no reason you need to shiver through the winter or roast in the summer. If your house doesn’t have enough insulation — common in homes built before 1980— bringing it up to current standards will make it more comfortable all year long. Plus, you’ll save anywhere from 10% to 30% on heating and cooling bills. 

Benefits of Air Sealing and Adding Insulation

  • Save money - lower heating/cooling costs
  • Increase comfort – stop cold air drafts, reduction in outside noise, better humidity control, less pollen, dust and insects entering your home

Energy savings and project costs will vary. Program requirements and rebate amounts are subject to change without notice. We do not endorse any particular contractor, manufacturer or product. We make no express or implied warranties of these products or installations.   



Tacoma Power offers property owners rebates to insulate ceilings, floors and walls. Rebate amount varies based on property type. 




Residential (Owner-Occupied) Property

Rental Properties

Up to 4 units

5+ units 




Up to 4 Units:
Attic R11 or less to R49 with air sealing 

5+ Units:
Attic R7 or less to R49 with air sealing 


.80¢/sq. ft.



$1.60/sq. ft.



$1.00 sq. ft.



Floor R11 or less to R30 or cavity fill with air sealing 

Wall R0 to R11 or R13 



  • Property must have been built before 1988.
  • If Knob and Tube (K&T) wiring is present on inspection, a “passing report” is required by a journeyman electrician prior to project approval. Contact your insulation contractor or Tacoma Power for more information on K&T wiring and inspections.
  • Primary source of heat must be electric.

Additional requirements for DIY projects:

  • Must be pre-approved before work begins
  • Rebate applies only to material costs, not labor
  • Rebate cannot exceed the total cost of materials
  • Copies of receipts or invoices must be submitted 

Not Eligible:

  • Homes with an existing central heat pump
  • Manufactured homes
  • New construction

Customers are eligible for either a rebate, a loan, or a grant. 


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Tacoma Power offers a seven-year, zero-interest loan up to $2/sq. ft. for insulation upgrades in owner-occupied homes. Eligible customers must have a good payment and credit history with Tacoma Public Utilities. The minimum loan amount is $1,000.  

Loans for Insulation Upgrades – up to $2/sq. ft.
  • Attic R11 or less to R49 with air sealing
  • Floor R11 or less to R30 or cavity fill with air sealing
  • Wall R0 to R11 or R13 

Requirements (must meet all of the requirements for rebates plus): 

  • Owner must own home and land.
  • Property owner must provide proof of ownership
  • Contractor must have an active Trade Ally Agreement with Tacoma Power

Not Eligible:

  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) and corporations
  • DIY projects 

*Loans are not available for insulation upgrades in rental properties.


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Income-qualified property owners may be eligible to receive a grant up to $1.60/sq.ft. for upgrading insulation in owner-occupied homes, which could cover the majority of the costs. 

Grants for Insulation Upgrades – up to $1.60/sq. ft.

  • Attic R11 or less to R49 with air sealing
  • Floor R11 or less to R30 or cavity fill with air sealing
  • Wall R0  to R11 or R13  

Requirements (must meet all of the requirements for rebates plus): 

  • Household occupants must:
    • Complete and submit a Grant Application (Attachment A)
    • Provide supporting documentation
  • Contractor must have an active Trade Ally Agreement with Tacoma Power  

 Not Eligible:

  •  DIY projects

 *Grants are not available for insulation upgrades in rental properties. 




Application Processing Time

It takes approximately four to six weeks to process applications. 

If you feel your property meets the eligibility requirements, contact a Tacoma Power participating contractor to schedule a free estimate. They can also evaluate your home or property to help determine which of our programs would best meet your needs. 



Determine the funding option that best meets your needs. Your contractor can help you determine what, if any, out of pocket costs you may incur. 


Once you select a contractor and decide how you will pay for the project, complete an energy efficiency application:   


Review the required documents checklist to ensure you have everything you need to submit the application.  


Additional documentation is required for loan and grant applications.  For more information, please visit:


Submitting your application

There are several ways to submit your application (listed below):

  • Contractor - your contractor may offer to submit the application directly to Tacoma Power
  • Email - submit the application along with all required documentation to
  • Fax - (253) 502-8572
  • Mail - Tacoma Power, CEP – Main Lobby, 3628 S. 35th St., Tacoma, WA  98409-3192
  • In Person – Tacoma Public Utilities, Conservation Lobby, 3628 S. 35th St., Tacoma

For assistance, please call (253) 502-8363.

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