Those hired as an apprentice at Tacoma Power enroll in a program for one of the specialty areas described below. Each program requires a minimum of three and a half years to complete and includes both classroom and on-the-job training.


  • Valid driver’s license
  • Graduation from high school or GED
  • Completion of an algebra course
  • Completion of a basic electricity course
  • Six months of experience in the electrical, electronics or construction trades OR completion of a formalized vocational training program in related field or if applying for Hydro Project Electrician- a City of Tacoma Hydro Project Utility Worker who is a current employee or who has six months experience within the past two years.
  • Apprentice Line and Wire Electrician jobs also have minimum physical ability requirements

We accept applications every one to three years when the job announcement is posted on the City of Tacoma’s jobs webpage. Individuals may also complete the interest form online to be notified of postings.

We have a few resources to help you out. Download a list of reference materials for the apprentice examination.



Line Apprentice Pay
Range: $32.48-$38.46
Journey Rate: $45.48

Performs apprentice-level work under the direction of journey-level line electricians in the construction, maintenance and repair of electrical overhead and underground distribution and transmission systems.

Examples of duties: Prepare and set line poles and guy wires; repair or replace damaged or decayed poles; select and install cross-arms, insulators, cutouts, switches, lightning arrestors and other devices on wood poles and steel structures; install transformers, transformer banks and related connections on poles.

View physical ability requirements here.


Wire Apprentice Pay
Range: $32.18-$37.81
Journey Rate: $44.75

Performs apprentice-level work under the direction of journey-level wire electricians in the construction, maintenance and repair of electrical substations and underground vaults.

Examples of duties: Wiring or maintaining and repairing of substations, preparing switchboard panels, installing transformers, connecting and disconnecting ammeters, voltmeters, relays, switches, lights or other equipment and apparatus.

View physical ability requirements here.


Meter Apprentice Pay
Range: $32.98-$39.03
Journey Rate: $43.99

Performs apprentice-level work under the direction of journey-level meter technicians in the testing, repairing, calibrating and installing of meters, electrical and electronic support equipment.

Examples of duties: Assist in testing, calibrating and repairing of electrical and electronic test equipment; testing, calibrating, repairing and installing auxiliary devices to metering such as totalizer, pulse initiators, transformers, loss compensators, survey recorders, multifunction meters and other auxiliary equipment.

Contact Information

For questions regarding our apprenticeship programs, please email Tacoma Power Training.

Resumes are accepted through the City of Tacoma job posting and application process. Resumes sent to this email address will not be considered for apprentice positions.

Openings are posted at in early February of each year (if we are hiring for apprentices that year).