• A vision for Tacoma Public Utilities in 2019

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A Foundation for Success

2019 was a year of significant accomplishments and laying the ground work for years to come with a focus on Safety and Resilience, Environmental Stewardship, Equitable Access and Economic Development. These areas of focus rest on the foundation of sustainability and financial stewardship. For an overview of our financials and how they compare to the past several years, view the 2019 Financial Highlights.

2019 Tacoma Public Utility Board

Meet the 2019 PUB
2019 Annual Report

Meet the TPU Management Team

Tacoma Public Utilities is governed by the Public Utility Board, the members of which appoint the Director of Utilities, currently held by Jackie Flowers. TPU is made of three divisions, Tacoma Power, Tacoma Water and Tacoma Rail and each division has their own Superintendent or COO. In addition, there is a Customer Services Manager and a Deputy Director of Administration directly under the Director of Utilities and serving all of TPU. Together this team leads and oversees the operations of Tacoma Public Utilities.

Meet the team
2019 Annual Report 1

Tacoma Power 2019 Highlights

For over 125 years, Tacoma Power has been a citizen-owned electric utility that generates, transmits, and distributes clean energy to our community. In 2019, that meant serving 182,000 customers compared to 178,000 in 2018. With 959 employees, the utility continued its commitment to providing competitive, reliable energy to customers while making many advancements that have launched us towards becoming a more modern utility.

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2019 Annual Report 2

Tacoma Water 2019 Highlights

Providing our customers with clean, reliable water has been a priority for Tacoma Water since its inception in 1893. In 2019, the utility made way to not only manage its assets, prioritize safety, and keep a strong commitment to the community, but to plan for a new age within Tacoma Public Utilities.

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2019 Annual Report 3

Tacoma Rail 2019 Highlights

Since 1914, Tacoma Rail has worked to meet its primary goal of providing efficient, cost-effective rail service, and 2019 was no exception. Tacoma Rail continued to meet its primary goal of providing efficient, cost-effective rail service to the Port of Tacoma and Tacoma’s industrial areas (Tidelands Division), to Lakeview (Capital Division), and Frederickson (Mountain Division) in 2019.

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