Deferred Loans

If the cost of energy saving home upgrades is out of reach for you, Tacoma Power is here to help.

You care about saving money and energy. We make it easy and affordable to do so.

We’re buying!

We’ll buy the upgrades below. Just pay us back when you sell your home.

Better windows

Deferred Loans 2

Ductless Heat Pump

Deferred Loans 17


Temp-controlling insulation

Deferred Loans 1


How it works

You owe nothing and pay nothing until you sell your home!

If you own your home and your income doesn’t exceed the allowable maximums below, you could qualify for Tacoma Power’s deferred loan. With that loan, we’ll pay a Tacoma Power Participating Contractor of your choice to provide and install energy efficient upgrades in your home. At the time of ownership change, you’ll pay the loan back to Tacoma Power.

Bonus offer: If you qualify for a deferred loan, we’ll also give you a rebate by deducting a chunk of the project cost from your loan. Then, when you sell your home and pay us back, you’ll owe the loan amount minus the rebate.

Deferred Loans 5

Deferred Loans 4

Deferred Loans 18

Get started

Deferred Loans 7

See what incentives you qualify for.

Deferred Loans 8

Now that you know what funds you can get, pick a Tacoma Power Participating Contractor to give you some bids for the upgrades you want.

Deferred Loans 9

Once you’ve selected your Participating Contractor, you can work together to fill out your project application.

Deferred Loans 10

Submit your project application to Tacoma Power for approval.

Deferred Loans 11

Once you’re approved, your Participating Contractor will get to work upgrading your home.

Deferred Loans 12

Enjoy your upgrades and lower utility bill, knowing they’re free from Tacoma Power until you sell your home.

See what incentives you qualify for

We have three types of incentives available to help you pay for your energy efficient home upgrades.

Deferred Loans 14

We buy, you pay us back when you sell your house. No payments in the meantime. Income can’t exceed limits below.

Deferred Loans 13

Finance your project with low monthly payments. No credit check required.

Deferred Loans 15

You pay for your project and we’ll give you a rebate for a chunk of the cost.

See what you qualify for

There are two ways to see what incentives you could qualify for. Select one: