Upgrade your business to Certified Contractor status

Tacoma Power appreciates all of our Trade Allies. Together, we help our shared customers save money and electricity and increase the comfort of their home.

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How to upgrade to Certified Contractor status

There’s only one requirement to become a Certified Contractor: Just do more of what you already do!

When you complete and pass six jobs with Tacoma Power in a six-month period (beginning each April and October), you are automatically upgraded. No calls, no extra paperwork needed. We promote you as a Certified Contractor for as long as you continue to meet the single requirement.


Contractor list no longer alphabetical

Our Certified Contractor list has been alphabetical for years. That’s changed.

Every six months, when the Certified Contractor list is updated and republished on our website, the order of the listed businesses changes. Randomizing the order every April and September will allow all of our Certified Contractors equal opportunity to be at the top of the list.

Benefits of being a Certified Contractor
  • Your business is promoted on Tacoma Power marketing material.
  • Your business is listed on TPU’s website as a Certified Contractor, which is how the majority of our customers select their contractor for energy efficiency upgrades.