Don’t delay your payment from Tacoma Power

Using our Assignment of funds form helps you get your incentive payments from Tacoma Power faster by allowing us to pay you directly instead of your customer.

But only if it’s completely and accurately filled out.

We see some recurring issues in how the form is filled out that can delay your payments. We have some tips for filling it out to make sure you get your payment on your first request.

Following these tips will ensure a speedy payment:

Don’t delay your payment from Tacoma Power

  • Ensure the “up to $_______” amount is sufficient to cover the project costs, including tax.
    The tax amount not being included in the project cost is the most common reason the form is rejected.
  • Include a 5-10% padding on the total project cost in the “up to $______” amount to cover unexpected costs or overages.
    You’ll only receive payment for actual incentive amounts, but the “up to” language reduces the need for customers to have to sign a new form for changing incentive amounts.
  • Fill it out completely.
    Your customer shouldn’t sign a form that doesn’t have all of the terms filled out. We cannot alter a contract signed by your customer in any way, including filling in a blank or two.