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Possible Gooseneck Locations

Between 1900 and 1940, short pieces of lead pipe were sometimes used to connect the water main to customers’ service lines. These lead pipe segments of often took the shape of a goose’s neck, and are referred to as “lead goosenecks.” Over time, Tacoma Water has removed 30,000 lead goosenecks while replacing old service connections.

Although we believe we have removed the vast majority of these lead goosenecks, there are still hundreds of old service connections from this timeframe for which we do not have information. When these lines were installed, details of where lead goosenecks were installed were not recorded. Because goosenecks are underground, they are difficult to verify.

After reviewing multiple paper records – some from more than 100 years ago – along with multiple electronic records, the utility estimates the number of homes with possible gooseneck connections to be around 1,200.

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