Wholesale Water Information

Tacoma Water serves 15 wholesale customers in the Puget Sound region. While wholesale customers generally have their own source of supply, there are a few reasons why wholesale customers elect to purchase water from us. They might:

  • Rely on an additional source of water supply.
  • Want redundancy.
  • Need an emergency supply.


Effective Jan. 1, 2024

Fixed Charge per Month

Million gallons a day of contracted peak capacity (MGD)

For each MGD of contracted peak capacity: $2,993.75


Usage Charge per Month

Constant use, per CCF (100 cubic feet or 748 gallons)

  • Winter (Oct. to May): $1.446
  • Summer (June to Sept.): $1.807

Usage charge per month for summer season peaking  (100 cubic feet of 748 gallons)

  • Summer (June to Sept.): $2.711

We set our contracted peak capacity to comply with our wholesale water supply agreements. Other charges and fees may apply. For detailed information about water regulations and rates, refer to Chapter 12.10 of the Tacoma Municipal Code, Water – Regulation and Rates.

Alternative Options

We seek to increase engagement with our wholesale customers and provide options that are responsive and unique to their individual needs. If you are interested in exploring alternative wholesale water options, we will work with you to determine the most suitable path for your situation. Alternative options include:

  • Market-Based Pricing that enables you to pay a different rate from the published rates. We generally base the methodology on an assumption of competitive alternative sources of water supply and establish a relationship between the quantity of water you need and the price you pay. Specific pricing terms depend on the total quantity of water and the seasonality of the amount.
  • Reverse Capacity Amortization (RCA) enables you to opt-out of our monthly fixed charge for each month that you do not choose to receive water. We calculate RCA by amortizing the capacity we contract for over 30 years. Amortization provides flexibility to plan for buying water while allowing us to mitigate supply risk gradually. We are currently in the process of developing the mechanics of this platform and drafting an addendum to the existing wholesale water agreement.

Contact Information

For general questions or information regarding whole administration, please email Marc Powell or call 253-502-8752.