Power Rates Schedule

On this page, you’ll find detailed rate information for each type of Tacoma Power customer.

2021 Tacoma Power rate schedule – effective January 1, 2021

2020 Tacoma Power rate schedule – effective July 2, 2020

Emergency rate delay schedules – effective April 1, 2020

General Application

All persons receiving electric service from the Department shall be billed and pay for such service in accordance with the applicable published rate schedules hereinafter set forth in this Chapter, or as the same may hereafter be amended by ordinance.

Rates by schedule:

Residential Service, 12.06.160: Schedule A-1
Low-Income/Elderly, Low-Income/Handicapped Residential, 12.06.160: Schedule A-2
Small General Service, 12.06.170:  Schedule B
Evergreen Options, 12.06.370: Schedule EO
General Service, 12.06.215: Schedule G
High Voltage General Service, 12.06.220: Schedule HVG
Contract Industrial Service, 12.06.260: Schedule CP
Street Lighting and Traffic Signal Service, 12.06.290: Schedule H-1
Private Off-Street Lighting Service, 12.06.300: Schedule H-2
Street Lighting Service, 12.06.296: Schedule H-3
Power Factor Provisions, 12.06.310: Schedule P
Tax Credit, 12.06.314: Schedule TC
Electric Vehicle Fast Charge, 12.06.371: Schedule FC