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Power Rates

Our current rates went in to effect on April 1, 2018. While we know any increase has an impact on people, we are pleased to say that Tacoma Power rates are still among the lowest in the area. 

Learn more about our rates process for 2017/2018.


Monthly Electric Bill Comparison

Compare our current rates with those of other major utilities in our region.

2015 power rates comparison

What Goes into Electric Rates?

  • The energy use reflects the costs associated with buying or generating electricity.

  • The delivery rate reflects the cost of equipment (poles, lines, transformers, etc.) associated with delivering electricity from its source to your home or business.

  • The customer charge includes costs for meter reading and billing.


How to Read Your Electric Meter

Sample electric meter reading

You can track how much electricity you use at home at home by reading your meter.

If you have a dial meter, from left to right, read the smaller of the two numbers on either side of the pointer. The sample shown here has a reading of 8542. If your meter has four dials, multiply the meter reading by 10. That number is the amount of kilowatt hours you’ve used.

To determine how much electricity you’ve used, subtract your previous meter reading from the present one.

Billing questions
For more information about your utility bill, call (253) 502-8600.