East 64th Street Improvement Project

Phase II

In support of the City of Tacoma’s Road Improvement Project along E. 64th Street, Tacoma Power will be relocating poles and equipment between McKinley Avenue E. and Portland Avenue. Some of the improvements include replacing the road, adding bike lanes, replacing sidewalks and curb ramps to meet ADA standards, and upgrading the storm water and illumination system.

East 64th Street Project

Phase I (red segment) that includes the area between McKinley Avenue and Pacific Avenue is complete. The current work focuses on Phase II (green segment). Phase III (yellow segment), which includes the area from Portland Avenue to the eastern City limits near the Pipeline Trail will be completed in the coming years.

Key project milestones and timeline (Phase II):

Utility Locates - April 2022
  • Survey staking of Right-of-Way, property lines, and new pole locations.
  • 811 underground utility locates indicated by colored paint lines on the ground.
Utility Construction - May to October 2022
  • Pole installations, stringing of wire, transfer of loads & services, removal of existing wires, and the topping of poles.
Service Provider Wire Transfer - October to December 2022
  • Communication providers transfer their cables to the new poles.