Canyon Road Project

Planned improvements to Canyon Road are intended to enhance safety and relieve traffic congestion from 84th Street East and 72nd Street East.

The County project includes widening the road surface, installing sidewalks and curb ramps to meet County ADA standards, street lights, traffic signals and storm water systems. In support of this project, we will relocate poles, wires, and equipment.

Over the next few weeks (late April), the following survey activity will occur to prepare for our utility work:

  • The County will mark/stake the edge of the right-of-way, property lines, and easements.
  • We will mark/stake new pole locations and call 8-1-1 for underground utility locations.

Work planned for May through December:

  • Crews will set new utility poles, string new wires, hang new equipment, and transfer services to current homes and businesses.
  • Short-term outages may be required to perform work safely. We will attempt to notify those affected before outages occur.
  • Old utility poles will be removed when work is completed and communication service providers move their lines to the new poles.

You should expect traffic delays throughout the project duration. We will maintain access to surrounding properties to help ease any impact on you.

We anticipate that our portion of the work will be complete in late fall. Once the utility work is complete, Pierce County can start road construction. We will update this website page as our work progresses.

Learn more about this project on Pierce County’s website.