2023 Evergreen Options Grant Applicants

2021 Evergreen Options Grant Applicants 6

Evergreen Options is a voluntary program that allows Tacoma Power customers to buy electricity produced from new renewable sources, like wind and solar, through renewable energy certificates (RECs). This annual grant program helps organizations generate a portion of their own electricity from renewable sources. Learn more about Evergreen Options and how to enroll. 

Meet the organizations hoping for your vote

Three organizations submitted applications for this year’s Evergreen Options $50,000 grant. Your vote will determine the top two finalists and the winner will be voted on by Evergreen Options participants.  

Here’s what they want you to know about their organization and proposed renewable energy project: 

Greater Heights Church of God in Christ

Greater Heights Church of God in Christ provides a free market with selections of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products, and snacks. These items are free – with no requirements to access our market. We also offer new and gently used items at the market. The bulk of our items help families that are starting over and persons that are moving from unhoused to housing.  This program meets the needs of members of our community that need the support the most. Our recycle-reuse program also keeps items out of the landfill, minimizing the negative impact on the earth.  Greater Heights Church is always looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. We applied for this grant so our church could switch to a renewable power source. As a church, we always look for ways to be a resource to the community we support. If awarded the grant funds we would be able to provide information on the solar project to the community, the other churches we are connected to, and the Black-owned businesses we house within our church.  The Renewable Energy project information will also be available to our clients who frequent our church when we offer community resources and host events to educate, strengthen, and support.  Our church is centrally located across the street from an elementary school which would also provide an opportunity for the youth to see an earth-friendly project constructed from start to finish. 

Shalom Project

“Let there be light.” These sacred words fittingly describe the ongoing collaborative effort of St. Mark’s Lutheran Church and Peace Lutheran Church to provide affordable housing, reduce energy consumption, and support environmental justice by harnessing the power of the sun. The Shalom Project brings together two very different congregations. Peace Lutheran is a racially diverse congregation in Tacoma’s Hilltop and St. Mark’s is a majority white congregation in West Tacoma. Working together, the two congregations are sending a clear message that green energy works for everyone by installing solar panels on low-income housing in the Hilltop (one complete), and at St. Mark’s. This project even includes the installation of a community EV charging station at St. Mark’s. The strong connection and involvement in two different parts of Tacoma will demonstrate the benefits of solar power to neighbors via example, education and outreach. Our request is for $50,000 to be added to funds raised from our members. Every effort will be made to secure the remaining funds to complete the project. In every sense, The Shalom Project is an innovative collaboration that clearly illuminates how solar energy can change communities for the better.

Franklin Pierce School District

Franklin Pierce School District’s student population is very diverse with over 50 languages spoken in our schools. This area of the county is characterized by high levels of poverty with over 75% of our students qualifying for free/reduced lunches. The district operates a 10-acre farm as part of its educational program. This unique and engaging setting provides a place where students of all ages and members of the local community can learn about how to provide a source of food for a heathier diet and be introduced to sustainable strategies that increase the quality of the food produced while reducing the impacts to the environment. The Evergreen Options Grant provides a wonderful opportunity to add 16 kW of clean solar power to the new Agricultural Resource Center that is currently under construction at the farm. This solar array will provide a tangible example of the use of practical sustainable measures that can be applied in operating a small farm that is characteristic of many farms in this area.  

This round of voting is now closed.