2024 Evergreen Options Grant Applicants

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Evergreen Options is a voluntary program that allows Tacoma Power customers to buy electricity produced from new renewable sources, like wind and solar, through renewable energy certificates (RECs). This annual grant program helps organizations generate a portion of their own electricity from renewable sources. Learn more about Evergreen Options and how to enroll. 

Meet the organizations hoping for your vote

Three organizations submitted applications for the 2024 Evergreen Options $50,000 grant. Your vote will determine the top two finalists and the winner will be voted on by Evergreen Options participants.  

Here’s what they want you to know about their organization and proposed renewable energy project: 

Affordable Housing and Treatment Homecare

Affordable Housing and Treatment (AHAT) Homecare is a nonprofit organization (established in 1989 and remains one of the few organizations in the nation, and one of the two in Washington State) providing affordable housing to residents in Tacoma and Pierce County who are living with HIV/AIDS. AHAT Homecare serves clients whose incomes are 30% of Average Median Income (AMI) or belowMore than 65% of the clients currently identify as BIPOC, 100% living with one or more forms of disability other than HIV/AIDS, and more than 50% of the clients experienced houselessness or chronic homelessness at intake. The Evergreen Options grant will provide solar panels and charging station to one of the three AHAT Homecare properties. The charging station will be made for public use. This opportunity will reduce AHAT Homecare’s carbon footprint and operational costs while serving our most vulnerable clients. Furthermore, this grant will provide educational opportunities to our clients about solar panels, carbon footprint, and climate changes. Should AHAT Homecare receive this grant, we will have signage(s) on the property to engage the community about our organization, work, and the importance of fighting climate change.

The Metropolitan Development Council

The Metropolitan Development Council (MDC) is a nonprofit organization based in Tacoma, Washington, dedicated to helping individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency and stability. Founded in 1964, MDC provides a range of services, including housing assistance, behavioral healthcare, and education support. Our mission is to create positive changes in the community by addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality. 

A solar panel project would significantly benefit MDC and the Tacoma community in several ways. Firstly, it would reduce the organization’s operational costs by lowering energy expenses, allowing more funds to be directed towards their essential programs and services. This financial efficiency would enhance MDC’s capacity to support vulnerable populations. Additionally, by utilizing renewable energy, MDC would contribute to environmental sustainability, setting a positive example for the community and promoting awareness about the importance of clean energy. The solar panel initiative could also provide educational opportunities, demonstrating the practical benefits of renewable energy technologies and potentially inspiring similar projects in the area. Overall, the solar panel project would support MDC’s mission by fostering financial stability, environmental responsibility, and community education. 

Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center

Unlocking the potential of clean and sustainable energy, Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center seeks to transform one of the buildings on its site into a Resiliency Hub for Pierce County. Through the Evergreen Options Solar Grant Program, we aim to install solar panels and backup batteries at our facility, located in the heart of Hilltop, Tacoma. Serving 150-200 children and families daily and rooted in a community of color, our organization is dedicated to providing vital resources and support to underserved populations. By harnessing solar energy, we not only reduce our carbon footprint but also create a safe haven during extreme weather events for housing insecure individuals. As a BIPOC-founded and led agency, we prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring our services reflect the needs of our community. With your support, we can amplify our impact, empower families, and foster resilience in the face of adversity. Join us in building a brighter, greener future for all!