• 2021: Above & Beyond

    Director Jackie Flowers highlights successes despite a global pandemic.
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Rising above challenges

Reflecting on the past year, you wouldn’t know we were in the second year of a worldwide pandemic. We rose above the challenges and excelled at delivering services that are vital to our community’s quality of life. For an overview of our financials and how they compare to previous years, view the 2021 Financial Highlights. 

2021 Public Utility Board

Meet the 2021 PUB
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Meet Our Management Team

Tacoma Public Utilities is governed by the Public Utility Board, the members of which appoint the Director of Utilities, currently held by Jackie Flowers. TPU is made of three divisions, Tacoma Power, Tacoma Water and Tacoma Rail and each division has their own Superintendent or COO. In addition, there is a Customer Services Manager and a Deputy Director of Administration directly under the Director of Utilities and serving all of TPU. Together this team leads and oversees the operations of Tacoma Public Utilities.

Meet the Team
2021 Annual Report 3

Tacoma Power 2021 Highlights

Tacoma Power continued fulfilling its Mission to provide affordable and reliable electric services throughout the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic and sought ways to support our community’s financial well-being. Even when faced with extreme weather events and the continuing global pandemic, they provided 99.94% availability to our customers during 2021. 

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2021 Annual Report 2

Tacoma Water 2021 Highlights

Tacoma Water kicked off 2020 with its 2020-2025 Strategic Plan and new functional sections. With the disruptions in 2020 and significant changes behind us, they began implementing their strategic plan with four key initiatives: customer engagement, core business processes, emergency management and workforce development. 

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2021 Annual Report 1

Tacoma Rail 2021 Highlights

Tacoma Rail continued to fulfill its primary purpose of providing efficient, cost-effective rail service to the Port of Tacoma and Tacoma’s industrial areas (Tidelands Division, Lakeview (Capital Division), and Fredrickson (Mountain Division). 

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