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Save With Compressed Air

Compress Your Costs Up To 20%
Compressed Air Efficiency
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Save money on annual electric costs and reduce your system's maintenance and downtime with Tacoma Power's Compressed Air Efficiency offers.

We have cash incentives and technical expertise to help you lower your system's operating costs and improve reliability. Someone who uses a 150 horsepower air compressor that runs 5,800 hours per year could save up to $9,100 in electric costs by improving the compressor's air efficiency. 

Did You Know?
  • A compressed air system can represent up to 20% of your total electric use.
  • Over the lifetime of your compressed air equipment, your electricity costs may represent 76% of your total compressed air operation costs. 
  • Reducing system pressure by two pounds per square inch can save you 1% of your annual electric costs.
  • An air leak as small as a quarter inch can cost more than $6,600 in annual electric costs.
  • Compressed Air Efficiency offers are just one part of our Custom Retrofit Program

Cash Incentives:
We offer money to help you buy and install efficient compressed air system technologies, such as variable speed compressors, controls with increased air receiver storage and distribution modifications. The incentive rate is 23 cents per first year kilowatt hour (kWh) saved, up to 70% of the approved project cost. We also offer rebates to no-loss drains, efficient nozzles and mist eliminators. Efficiency projects must have identified savings and approval from Tacoma Power prior to beginning. 

Both Tacoma Power customers and compressed air equipment vendors may participate in periodic training sponsored by Tacoma Power and conducted by certified Compressed Air Challenge (CAC) instructors. CAC is an independent, nonprofit organization funded by the Department of Energy, with no commercial bias. Both a one-day basic overview session and a more in-depth, two-day curriculum are available. Check our Training and Events page for upcoming opportunities. 

Demand-Side Assessments:
We will pay up to half of the cost of a demand-side assessment of your system, which will identify air leaks, inappropriate compressed air uses and other potential operational improvements. 

Supply-Side Assessments:
We have resources for customers, compressed air vendors and industry experts that provide guidance for quantifying and documenting energy savings and potential incentives for efficiency improvements. For large-scale energy saving projects, we can help pay up to half the cost of an energy study that can identify savings and potential incentives. 


What Our Customers Say

Lenny Becraft, Supervisor at Rainier Veneer

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Eligible equipment must be purchased and installed in Tacoma Power's service territory. 
  • All projects must be pre-approved by Tacoma Power before equipment is installed.

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Program requirements and rebate amounts are subject to change without notice. Tacoma Power does not endorse any particular contractor, manufacturer or product. Tacoma Power makes no express or implied warranties of these products.

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