Tacoma Power’s Nisqually River Project, which includes Alder Dam and LaGrande Dam, generates renewable, certified green power. It also supports healthy habitat for fish and wildlife and provides excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Our fisheries program on the Nisqually River includes:

  • a kokanee fishery

  • river flow enhancement

  • funding the Nisqually Tribe's Clear Creek Hatchery

Before the dams were built, a natural barrier that is now beneath LaGrande reservoir prevented fish from migrating upstream. Therefore, there was no need to install fish ladders at the dams.

Tacoma Power plants up to 500,000 kokanee in Alder Lake each year to provide fishing opportunities for you. Water released from LaGrande Dam enhances the habitat for the Chinook and coho salmon that spawn downstream of the LaGrande Dam.

Our wildlife lands surround Alder Lake and skirt the Nisqually River upstream and downstream of the dams. The lands total 3,500 acres and support elk, deer, wood ducks, bats and thousands of other critters that depend on high-quality habitat.

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