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Community Solar


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Our community solar project enabled customers to join together to support local solar energy. 

We built four, 75-kilowatt projects on our property. Tacoma Power customers who bought solar units will receive an annual Washington state solar production incentive payment, as well as payment for the electricity produced from the project.

The solar project is sold out.


Community Solar Estimated Payments

Solar Estimated Payments Table

*Participants will receive payment for the estimated value of electricity for years 2021-2036 in August 2020.

**2016, 2017 & 2018 numbers are actual payments, not estimates

Estimates are based on National Renewable Energy Laboratories' solar projections for this area. Actual incentive payments may vary.


2018 Payments - July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018

solar chart


Real-time Solar Production

Want to see how much electricity the solar project is producing?

Watch the video below and learn more about Tacoma Power's Community Solar project.

Community Solar Q&A

Q. What is community solar?

 Community solar is an easy way to support local renewable energy with a lower entry price than rooftop solar. You and others in your community share in the cost of the construction of a solar electric system. You don’t have to worry about large start-up costs, siting, permitting, securing a contractor to install solar panel on your home – or ongoing maintenance costs of the panels and equipment. Our community solar program is based on an initiative from the Washington State Legislature in 2009. This initiative creates much of the benefit to these projects; therefore, if the initiative is changed or canceled, we may lose some or all of the advantages of our community solar projects. 

Q. Why did Tacoma Power build a community solar project?

 Tacoma Power, along with many other regional utilities, built a community solar project to help customers take advantage of state incentives. Tacoma Power has a long history of renewable electricity – all of the power we produce is renewable hydropower. Nearly all of the power we purchase from the Bonneville Power Administration is renewable as well. Community solar is one more form of renewable energy to add to our extensive portfolio. 

Q: Can solar power work in Tacoma?

Yes, despite being a rainy climate, the region does have potential for solar energy. Because the sun shines much more in summer than winter, it would require a very large and expensive system to generate enough electricity during the summer to last year around. 

Q: When will participants receive payments?

Participants will receive a check from Tacoma Power each year after production is verified by the WSU Energy Program - likely sometime in October between 2018 and 2020. 

Q: How long will participants receive benefits from this project?

You will receive the state renewable incentive payments until that program ends in 2020. When that program ends, Tacoma Power will also pay you a single payment for the solar electricity generated by your solar unit(s) for the years 2021-2036 and include that in your last annual incentive payment in 2020. Please note that these payments, as well as many other benefits from the community solar projects, depend in part upon federal and state subsidies that may be changed or withdrawn at any time. If that were to occur, you may not receive all the benefits we expect from participating in the program.

Q: Who can I contact if I have more questions?

You can learn more about community solar by emailing or calling (253) 502-8363.