Map of Tacoma Link Extension locations and stations

In fall 2018, Sound Transit will begin construction of a 2.4 mile expansion of the Tacoma Link. The route  extension starts with a relocated Theater District station, and adds six new stations connecting to popular destinations such as Old City Hall, the Stadium District, Wright Park and major medical facilities before reaching its new Hilltop terminus at the St. Joseph station at South 18th Street and MLK Jr. Way. 


Image of Tacoma Link Extension timeline

We expect to have the utility relocation work completed in mid to late 2018 and the water pipe relocation completed in coordination with Sound Transit’s construction timeline starting in late 2018 through 2022. Any impacted homes or businesses will be notified by TPU in advance.

After the relocation phase, TPU will provide electricity and water service to Sound Transit for their new stations as well as to power the light rail trains themselves.

Tacoma Power’s electricity comes from 89% hydropower and is 96% carbon free, so the electric trains represent a significant reduction in carbon emissions in the City of Tacoma’s downtown core as they replace gasoline-powered personal vehicles or buses.

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Sound Transit Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension Info
Hilltop Tacoma Link Extenstion Map
Hilltop Tacoma Link Extension Project Phases

For more information, visit Sound Transit's website.