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Heat & Cool For Less
Ductless Heat Pump Program
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A ductless heat pump (DHP) can heat and cool your home, keeping you comfortable all year. Until Sept. 30, 2017, you could qualify for an $800 rebate toward the purchase and installation of a DHP. 

A Ductless Heat Pump Will:

  • Heat AND cool your home
  • Save you up to 50% on heating costs  
  • Operate quietly and efficiently
  • Cost you as little as $3,000 after rebate 

You may also be eligible for a Zero-Interest Loan or our Grant Program. With our seven-year, zero-interest loan, payments come to just $35 per month and are largely offset by the amount you'll save on monthly heating costs.

Also, look for additional manufacturer rebates that may apply to your purchase.

Applications received after September 30 will be eligible for a $500 rebate and a zero interest loan (up to $3,400 of the costs after the $500 rebate is applied).

What Is A Ductless Heat Pump?

A ductless heat pump (DHP) is an efficient, affordable, all-in-one heating and cooling system. A DHP works with your existing electric heating and cooling system to make your home more comfortable.

DHPs have three components:

  • An Indoor Unit: mounted on a centrally-located wall in your main living area. Just one system is enough to evenly and efficiently heat and cool the main living area of your home. 

  • An Outdoor Unit: connects to the indoor unit with a small bundle of cables, including a refrigerant line. The unit is placed outside your home on the ground level. You don't need expensive ductwork as these cables only require a three-inch hole in your wall. 

  • A Remote Control: allows you to adjust your settings as you wish.  


Will A Ductless Heat Pump Really Save Me Money? 

Depending on your current heating system, you could see a 25-50% reduction in heating costs.

Here are some sample heating cost estimates for a 1,900 square foot home in Tacoma, based on power rates effective April 1, 2015. 
DHP Cost Chart Green 04-01-2016 (12-16)

Make the Most of Your Ductless Heat Pump

Already have a ductless heat pump or thinking of purchasing one? Here are handy tips on how to use and care for it. 


If you rent, let your landlord or property manager know about rebates available to them. Landlords of single family dwellings can use our homeowner programs. Landlords of buildings with two or more units can learn more about Our Multifamily Program


Wood Stove

Have a wood stove? You may be eligible for an additional $350 from Pierce County. Learn more at

What Your Neighbors Say

"My baseboard system was slow, expensive and cold most of the time. The new system has made the world of difference in my home's livability." - Kathy J.

"We've seen $40 to $80 in savings on each electric bill since we had our DHP installed. I expect to see even more savings in the future now that we really understand how to effectively use it." - David S.

A unique partnership with Habitat for Humanity allows us to study the differences in efficiency and savings between ductless heat pumps and baseboard heat in new construction homes. Watch the story below to learn more about the results.

Eligibility & Requirements

You'll qualify for the rebate if:

  • You're a current Tacoma Power customer, and
  • Your home's primary source of heat is electric
    (baseboard, wall heater or furnace) and
  • Your house is a single-family dwelling, and
  • Your house meets minimum insulation requirements.
    Must have insulation in the floor and walls, as well as greater than R11 (more than 4 inches) in the attic. Call one of our participating contractors for your free bid and consultation - they'll confirm your insulation levels. Need insulation? Learn more about our Weatherization Program.  


Get Started

Indoor Unit & Remote Control


  • Call one of our Participating Contractors for a free bid and consultation. They can tell you if your insulation meets the program requirements and help you with our rebate process. 
  • Ask your contractor about any additional manufacturers' rebates available, event specials or military discounts that may apply.
  • Adding or replacing heating equipment may require a mechanical permit and/or an electrical permit. Check with your contractor or the building code official in your area for more information. 
  • Review all program forms and requirements
  • Contact us at (253) 502-8377 or for more information.

Your energy savings and project costs will vary. Program requirements and rebate amounts are subject to change without notice. We do not endorse any particular contractor, manufacturer or product. We make no express or implied warranties of these products or installations. There are limits to loans and grants. City of Tacoma employees are eligible for the loan.