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Save With Power Strips

Get $15 Per Smart Power Strip
Smart Power Strips Rebate
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Even if your electronics are turned off, they may still use power. Smart power strips can help you save money and energy by turning off peripheral equipment when not in use. Each smart power strip can save up to 100 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year.

We offer a $15 rebate on each qualified smart power strip you buy. 

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Customer must buy and install approved smart power strips in a business in Tacoma Power's service territory. 
  • The power strip must be used in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and must be able to curtail plug load.
  • All power strips must be UL Listed. 
  • Timer-based smart strips must use a digital time and be programmable.
  • Current sensor smart strips must automatically switch off peripheral plug load from the control plug outlet and prohibit false switching by incorporating resistor-capacitor circuit filters or equivalent.
  • Occupancy sensor smart strips must include a passive infrared occupancy sensor which operates to automatically switch off peripheral plug load from the control plug outlet.
  • Rebate application packet must be submitted within 60 days of smart strip installation.


Get Started

  • Buy and install qualifying smart power strips to control peripheral electronics. Rebates for installations of more than 500 smart power strips require pre-approval from Tacoma Power.
  • Complete your Smart Power Strip Application Form and attach:

    • A list of all addresses and account numbers with qualified smart strips installed.
    • Copies of all invoices pertaining to the purchase and installation of equipment.
  • Mail your rebate packet to:

    C/I Equipment Rebate Program
    Tacoma Power
    Consumer Energy Programs - 4th Floor
    P.O. Box 11007
    Tacoma, WA 98411