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Save Money And Energy With Upgrades
Multifamily Program
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Multifamily Forms & Information

Do you own or manage a multifamily property with two or more units? Utilities are one of the largest controllable costs for your property.

We offer rebates to help you reduce your energy bills, reduce your operating costs and maximize your profitability.

Depending on the property type and the project, you may also qualify for a Zero-Interest Loan or an Energy-Efficiency Grant

Rebates and Savings Opportunities Include:

  • Common Area, In-Unit, Interior and Exterior Lighting 
  • Ductless Heat Pumps
  • Insulation, Windows, Sliding Glass Doors & Duct Sealing

Read our Measures & Rebates List to see all of the opportunities available.

One of our multifamily specialists can visit your property and identify cost-effective improvements for individual units and common areas. This comprehensive assessment is free to you. We will answer your questions, provide a list of participating contractors and help you develop a plan to meet your needs and budget. 

What Property Owners Say

Alladin-Camelot Apartments

See How We've Saved Local Property Managers Money and Energy:

  • Hokold Development's Aladdin-Camelot Apartments upgraded to LED lighting with more than $30k in funding from Tacoma Power, cutting payback time for the project to 3 years


Basic Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for a Multifamily Program rebate, loan or grant, qualifying projects must meet all program eligibility and requirements. 

Requirements for Installation:

  • Property must be served by a Tacoma Power account.
  • Property must be a multifamily dwelling with two or more units.
  • Property must be an existing building. 
  • Tacoma Power must pre-approve all projects prior to any product purchase. 
  • Tacoma Power may conduct a comprehensive property assessment.
  • All permits are the responsibility of the property owner. 
  • All measures must meet and be installed to Tacoma Power's program specifications. 

Read all of our Program Requirements. Additional requirements may apply based on the savings measures you're considering.

Tacoma Power will provide a free assessment of your property to identify qualifying energy-saving improvements. 

Get Started

The process may vary depending on the improvements you plan to make.

Basic steps include:

  • Contact us at (253) 502-8377 or to schedule your complimentary consultation with our multifamily specialist. We will be able to help you identify the improvements you want to make and determine if your project qualifies for a zero-interest loan or a low-income property grant.
    We base loan qualifications on improvements made, ownership status (financing for LLC or corporations is not available), building type and your payment history with Tacoma Public Utilities. For the grant, 50% of the units per building must meet specific income guidelines, and we need documentation from your tenants to verify income. 
  • Get Bids From Contractors. If you're interested in lighting, use our Bright Rebates Contractor List. If you want to use your own contractor to install any improvements, please have your contractor call (253) 502-8377 for information about how to participate. 
  • Work with your contractor(s) to submit the appropriate applications and documents for project approval. We do not accept or review incomplete application packets. 
  • Visit our Multifamily Forms & Information page to find program documents and applications.

Your energy savings and project costs will vary. Program requirements and rebate amounts are subject to change without notice. We do not endorse any particular contractor, manufacturer or product. We make no express or implied warranties of these products or installations. There are limits to loans and grants.