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Energy Bill Profile

We Help You Identify Ways To Save
Tacoma Power's Energy Bill Profile is a free service that compares your facility's energy use for the current year with the prior year. Once you know how your business uses energy, you have the power to use it more efficiently and save money.

Your profile will show:

  • A two-year summary of your electricity use
  • An explanation of how your demand changes over time
  • Use patterns, including periods of high and low demand
  • Power and load factors
  • A quarterly summary of electricity charges
  • Energy use and demand tracked with average temperatures
  • A monthly itemization of all charges

Our energy experts will discuss the details of your profile with you and identify savings opportunities. We can run the report annually so you can see how you're progressing over time. The profile is an electronic document, easy to share with others in your business.  

What Our Customers Say

  • "Tacoma Power's Energy Bill Profile captures lots of detail, including account history and graphs. We like that report!" -Janet Ketchum, Metro Parks

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