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Understanding Your Bill

We heard you! You told us our utility bill is hard to read, and just as hard to understand. So we are redesigning it. The new design will launch in late August.

We made the new bill easier to read, so you'll know what services you're paying for and how much you're paying for them. Below you will see bill examples for both B and G commercial rate classes. 

We're curious to hear your feedback about the new bill design so we can continue to improve it. Tell us what you think at  

New Features Include:

  • Icons to represent each utility service, with a summary of charges.
  • The number of days in the billing cycle.
  • Graphs that show historical power and water use.
  • Explanation of taxes for each service. 

Learn more about how we set our rates.

View more detailed rate schedule information for each type of Tacoma Power customer.

For more commercial billing information call, (253) 502-8606 or email us at

The New B Commercial Rate Bill

Commercial B Rate
Small General Service is for small, non-residential power users. There are two demand limits; actual demand may not exceed 50 kvar, or total connected load estimated by Tacoma Power may not exceed 65 kW at the time service begins. 

The Front of the New Comercial B Rate Bill 

Commercial B Front of Bill

The Back of the New Commercial B Rate Bill

Commercial B Back of Bill 

The New Commercial G Rate Bill

Commercial G Rate

General Service is for large, non-residential power users. For Schedule G the actual demand must be 50 kvar or greater.

The Front of the New Commercial G Rate Bill

G Rate Front of Bill
The Back of the New Commercial G Rate Bill
G Rate Back of Bill