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Commercial Water Incentives

Commercial and industrial businesses can receive valuable incentives for water-efficient upgrades that will save water and money. We designed our incentives to help offset up to 50% of the initial costs of hardware and equipment that result in water savings. In addition to savings on your water bill, you may also reduce your sewer and power bills.

Schedule a Walk Through
Our experts can help find savings by surveying your company’s water use, fixtures, equipment and other processes with this free service. We will walk through your site, then provide a report detailing what you can do to save water, which could include replacing fixtures and equipment with new, more efficient models.
Rebate story
Take a look at how the Pierce County Jail installed a water-recycling laundry facility using a water conservation rebate from Tacoma Water. The jail will save an estimated 2 million gallons of water per year, as well as reduce its water, sewer and gas bills.  

Questions about getting a rebate for your business? Contact one of our water conservation experts for more information at (253) 502-8723 or

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Program requirements and rebates are subject to change without notice.