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Taste and Odor Issues

Water Sitting In A Pitcher In The Fridge Overnight May Be More Appealing

Metallic taste
Metallic-tasting water is usually associated with either yellow water or air bubbles in the water.

Chlorine taste and odor
We add chlorine to our water supply to kill bacteria and other microbes.

During the late spring and summer, residual levels of chlorine may appear to be higher. That's due to the combination of chlorine and naturally occurring plant materials in the Green River. After September, those levels will appear to be lower and chlorine odor and taste should lessen.

You may find drinking water more appealing if you fill a pitcher of water and let it stand in the refrigerator overnight. That should minimize chlorine taste and odor problems.

Earthy taste and odor
An earthy taste or odor may occur in Tacoma’s river water, most often in in July, August and September. The odor is produced by algae when their growth increases because of warmer weather and sunlight.

If the cold water smells after letting it run for three to five minutes, the odor is most likely from the water main. We regularly flush stale areas of the water system to help minimize odors.