The questions below are some of the most typical we receive. If none of these answers help you, visit our Contact Us page for specific department phone numbers.

Q: How can I pay my water bill?

We have several options, including online and Pay Box.  

Q: How do I get to Tacoma Water and the Water counter?

Our customer service lobby and permit counter is at 3628 S. 35th St., Tacoma, at the corner of 35th and Union. The water permit counter is on the 1st floor in Room A with Power permitting. 

For questions about residential permitting, you can call (253) 502-8247. For commercial permitting questions you can call (253) 396-3057.

Q: What's in my water?

Learn more about how we treat your water, why and how the water is filtered, and then go in depth with our Water Quality Report.

Q: Why does my water taste or look funny?

A: There may be several reasons. Learn more about taste, odor and particles on our website.

Q: I think I have a water leak. What do I do?

For information about leaks, outages or low water pressure, you can call (253) 502-8384 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. After hours please call (253) 502-8344. You can also report a problem online.

Q: How much are water connection fees for new construction?

A: Contact our permit counter at (253) 502-8247.

Q: Who do I call to get a property side main/water line and house plumbing permit?

A: Inside the City of Tacoma, call Building and Land Use at (253) 591-5030. Outside the City, you'll need to contact your local jurisdiction. We suggest a website search with terms similar to "plumbing permit" and the name of your town. If you live in unincorporated Pierce County, replace the town name with "Pierce County."

Q: How do I get copies of your plans?

A: You can submit a public records request to obtain copies of our water plans.

Q: Who do I notify if I put in a sprinkler system?

A: You'll want to talk with our Water Quality team in charge of cross-connection control.

Q: How do I hook up my backflow?

A: See our how-to guide and information online.

Q: Where is my shut-off valve?

A: Not all homes have one. If you do, it may be in the garage, in the basement, in a hall closet or buried underneath your outside hose faucet.

Q: Where is my water meter located?

A: It will be outside, but location can vary. Most of the time it is in line with an outside hose bib.

Q: How can I find out the water pressure in my area?

A: Call us at (253) 502-8247.

Q: Where does our water come from?

A: The Green River, primarily. You can learn all about our water supply on our website.

Q: How do I apply for a certificate of water availability?

A: Contact our permit counter at (253) 502-8247.

Q: Why do you flush the mains in my neighborhood?

A: We flush the mains to get rid of excess minerals or particles that can cause the water to appear cloudy.

Q: I can see a spot where I should have a meter, but there isn't one. How do I get one?

A: Please call us at (253) 502-8247.