Tacoma Power carries out many tasks, projects and studies as we operate the Cowlitz River Project. The settlement agreement was created with many stakeholders and is included in the license issued by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). It includes the following provisions.

We are focused on supporting the restoration and recovery of natural-origin salmon runs. Much of the effort to accomplish this goal is contained in License Settlement Agreement Articles 1 through 6, which can be found starting on page 50 of the license. Also see License Documents for plans and reports submitted about fishery issues.

Details about flow requirements to protect fish, especially during spawning, can be found starting on page 62 of the license.

Tacoma Power added 100 campsites to Taidnapam Park, added and extended boat launches on Riffe Lake and built and extended non-motorized trails in wildlife areas.

Details of these requirements can be found starting on page 65 of the license. Also see License Documents for plans and reports submitted about recreation issues.

Cultural resource protection
All projects licensed by FERC, including the Cowlitz River Project, must comply with the National Historic Preservation Act.

For the Cowlitz River Project, this includes protecting a number of cultural resource sites within the project boundary and educating people to become good stewards of these valuable links to our past. Details of these requirements can be found on pages 44 and 68 of the license.

Wildlife and wildlife areas
Tacoma Power provides 14,000 acres of wildlife land for restoration and protection. The basis for this requirement is the settlement agreement with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Details can be found starting on page 69 of the license.

Water quality
Water quality monitoring plans are included in Appendix C of the license and Appendix C-1 of the order lifting the stay on the license.

A water quality monitoring plan was prepared as required by Article 410 in the order amending the license on page 15.

The license contains many reporting requirements, which are specified throughout the license.

For more information, send us an email at cowlitz@cityoftacoma.org.