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Tacoma Power Heating Study


Tacoma Power’s Ductless Heat Pump Study at a local Habitat for Humanity community is the first known study in the nation to help identify and validate energy savings. The study looks at performance and economic impacts of ductless heat pump (DHP) displacement heating in residential new construction. Findings from the study will help determine if the electric industry should pursue code changes that would require installation of DHPs in new homes receiving either electric baseboard or wall heating systems.

Why Tacoma Power Cares about Conservation 

At Tacoma Power, we are passionate about energy conservation and often refer to the importance of "saving energy," "increasing efficiency" and "conservation."  But have you ever wondered why?  Don't we make more money when people use our services?

There are several reasons why we care about conservation, but the primary one is our desire to reduce the stress we put on the environment and the sustainable resources we use to generate power.  As the communities we serve continue to grow, the demand on our power supply also increases.  Conservation is critical to help ensure these resources remain available for many generations to come.

Energy conservation is a win-win for everyone.  Our customers save money by adopting energy efficiency measures and we minimize the overall demand on our power supply.  

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Why Hire a Tacoma Power Participating Contractor?

Learn how Tacoma Power Participating Contractors can save you money on energy-efficient products for your home now, and later on your electric bills. 

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Learn how switching from incandescent lighting to LED lighting saves money and energy.

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