Request Fees for New Single Family Dwelling
Please Be Advised: a set of plumbing, mechanical, utility and site plans must be submitted for review for any services providing water to a building with three or more units, and/or commercial development. If the subject property is in the process of a proposed short-plat, BLR or subdivision, you must provide a complete set of site plans for review.
Site Information:
1.  Parcel Number:
2.  Site Address:
3.  Short Plat Number:
4.  Development Name:
5.  Block Number:
6.  Lot Number:
7.  Provide a Detailed Description of Work:
8.  Is A Fire Sprinkling System Required? (If yes, inform user that system plans are required for review. Backflow protection MAY be required - you are responsible for contacting our Water Quality department at or (253) 502-8215 for further information.)

Requestor Information:
1.  Contact Person Name:
2.  Company Name:
3.  Company UBI Number:
4.  Contact Person Phone Number:
5.  How Would You Like The Information Delivered?

6.  Contact Person Fax Number:
7.  Contact Person Mailing Address: