Hydrant Use Permit Application
Hydrant use is not approved until actual permit has been issued. If you have questions regarding the status of your application, please call our Water Permit Counter at (253) 502-8247. ATTENTION: Backflow protection is required based on type of use of the hydrant. See hydrant use information packet for specific requirements. The applicant must provide a current copy of the backflow assembly test/inspection report. The duration of the permit cannot exceed the expiration of the test/inspection report.
Requestor Information
Company Name:
Company Address:
Company Phone Number:
Company UBI Number:
Contact Person Name:
Contact Person Phone Number:
Contact Person Email:
Necessary Information if Fixed Site (Metered)
Location of desired hydrant:
Duration of use:
List of subcontractors appointed to use hydrant (general contractor is the responsible party):
Type of hydrant use:

If other, please explain:
Tag number of desired hydrant:
Necessary Information if Multi-Site
Duration of use:
Number of trucks:
Truck numbers/license number:
Type of hydrant use:

If other, please explain:
Necessary Information if Short Term
Hydrant tag number:
Hydrant location:
Specific date of use:
Estimated gallons needed:
Type of hydrant use:

If other, please explain: