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Commercial & Industrial Compressed Air Training

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Free webinar: Learn about low and no cost opportunities and capital upgrades to reduce compressed air energy costs. Tacoma Power incentives may be available for qualifying projects.

Learn how to improve a compressed air system and make it more efficient. For many businesses, compressed air is a vital input to their production process. However, too often, compressed air systems are highly inefficient, resulting in significant wasted energy and added cost. Optimizing compressed air systems can improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Bob Brennand, an expert on compressed air systems and energy efficiency, will facilitate the training and discussion. The material will be aimed at personnel with small to medium compressed air systems, with a total horsepower of 300 or less.

Learning objectives:

  • Key concepts for simple commercial and industrial compressed air system costs and operation
  • Common ways to reduce compressed air system costs and energy usage
  • Alternatives for compressed air usage
  • Compressed air dryer types and properties
  • Compressor sequencing and control methods
  • Incentive opportunities from Tacoma Power

Who should attend:
Maintenance managers, energy managers, shift managers, industrial supervisors, utility efficiency engineers and anyone involved in operating, repairing, or purchasing compressed air equipment.

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