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Evergreen Options

Go Evergreen
Go above and beyond with Tacoma Power’s Evergreen Options. For a small additional monthly charge, electric customers can choose to support local renewable energy development by matching a portion of your energy use with Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)*. 

For an additional 1.2 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), you can power your home or business with clean, renewable energy. Minimum participation is $3 for 250 kWh, but you can buy as much renewable energy as you want.

Tacoma Power’s electricity primarily comes from clean, renewable hydroelectricity and is 96% carbon free. Evergreen Options allows customers to offset their carbon footprint beyond their electric use and invest in the regional and local development of new renewable energy sources like wind and solar. Funds also support an annual Renewable Energy Grant Program for local schools, nonprofits, and government agencies.

Why participate:
  • Offset the carbon footprint of your home or business beyond your electric use
  • Invest in renewable energy generation in our region
  • Support renewable energy grant funds for local schools, nonprofits and government agencies 
  • Vote for local grant recipients 

Enrollment Options

Evergreen Options is completely voluntary and has no contract or long-term commitment. The charges for Evergreen Options are in addition to your existing bill. You can choose a fixed monthly charge or a percent of your electric use that will vary monthly. If you receive your utility bill every two months, you will see the monthly amount you choose doubled on your bill to cover both months of the program.

Fixed Monthly Charge Plans
You can purchase 250kWh blocks of electricity for your home or business. Each block is priced at $3 above your normal monthly electricity cost. These plans allow you to support renewable energy at a predictable fixed charge each month.

For example:

  Cost Per Month   
  Kilowatt Hour Equivalent        
  1 block  $3  
  250 kWh  
  2 blocks $6  
  500 kWh  
  3 blocks $9
  750 kWh  
4 blocks $12  1,000 kWh
5+ blocks $3 per block 250kWh per block







Percent of Use Plan
You can purchase any percent between 1 and 100 of your monthly home or business electric use. Each kWh is priced at 1.2 cents over your normal electricity cost. Since your electric use varies each month, your Evergreen Options cost will vary as well. This plan allows you to support renewable energy based on how much energy you use. 

Get Started

To register for the program online, please click on the link below:

To change your participation level, or for questions about Evergreen Options, contact us at or (253) 502-8600.
This supply portfolio of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), also known as green tags, was assembled by the Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF). Green tags are generated from certified new wind resources in the Pacific Northwest. Proceeds from green power and green tag sales are applied to the development of new renewable resources in the Pacific Northwest, as well as program marketing and administration.

Learn more about green tags through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. For more information about certified renewable energy, call (888) 63-GREEN.