Murray Morgan Bridge

The historic Murray Morgan Bridge will help bring more electricity to downtown Tacoma

Tacoma Power is upgrading its power lines attached to the Murray Morgan Bridge. This work will support economic development in Tacoma’s downtown Central Business District and waterway revitalization along Dock Street. The work will impact traffic on the bridge.

Bridge Closure Information

  • The bridge will close fully from July 9 through August 17.
    • Access between Dock Street and the bridge deck via the elevator will remain open during the bridge closure.
  • The bridge will open fully between July 26 and July 29 for Maritime Fest.
  • August 18 to the end of September, the bridge will be open to one lane of traffic.
    • Flaggers will direct traffic to maintain flow.
    • Vehicles will need to take turns across the bridge in either direction using one lane.
    • The sidewalk will remain open for two-way pedestrian traffic on the accessible side during this time.
  • Boats that need the bridge lifted to pass beneath it will continue to gain passage by providing the standard two-hour notice.

About the project

Tacoma Power will extend wire up and over the 207-foot tall Murray Morgan Bridge

Tacoma Power will extend wire up and over the 207-foot tall Murray Morgan Bridge
Electric reliability in Tacoma’s Central Business District will increase. More capacity will support economic development in Tacoma’s Central Business District and along Dock Street for waterway development. Tacoma Power anticipates its work will complete by the end of September.

What’s included in the power line upgrade?
Tacoma Power will extend its conduit/ pipe and cable from its East F Substation across the Murray Morgan Bridge and connect it with its existing underground distribution system near Cliff Avenue in downtown Tacoma.

Will traffic be impacted?
Yes. You can expect traffic delays. This map will help with alternate routes.

Will there be any power outages during the project?
No. We do not anticipate any noticeable power outages.

What is the tentative construction schedule?

  • Late June to early July: Work permits to be issued.
  • July 9: Bridge work begins.
  • July 9 to August 17: Full bridge closure.
  • July 26 to July 29: Bridge reopens for Maritime Fest.
  • August 18 to the end of September: One lane of traffic opens on the bridge using flaggers to direct traffic alternately in each direction.

Why is Tacoma Power doing this work now?
Summertime provides a predictable balance of dry weather and daylight hours necessary to perform the work across the top of the bridge safely.

How many crews will perform the work?
Between two and five wire crews trained in high angle rescue safety will work to safely complete the work as efficiently as possible.

Does any work have to occur to prepare the bridge for this work?
Yes. A Tacoma Power contractor Naes will do some repair work on the bridge to accommodate the work.

What kinds of safety and security measures will be in place?
Tacoma Power’s wire crews will be trained in high angle rescue safety. A security boat will be in the water beneath the bridge during some of the high-risk work. Security guards will also be on site nights and weekends to help avoid theft and property damage.

How much will the project cost?
The project will cost an estimated $1.4 million.


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