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Environmental Policy Statement

Mt. Rainier from Alder Lake Park

Tacoma Public Utilities provides power, water, rail and telecommunications services and operates facilities in six counties. We balance our obligation to provide our customers with reliable, competitively priced services with respect for the natural environment. We are committed to managing environmental impacts by fostering practices of protection, stewardship and conservation.

Policy development
Our participation in local, regional and national forums helps structure responsible environmental laws. We will:

  • Actively represent TPU’s environmental interests with government decision makers
  • Collaborate with agencies, tribes and other organizations to develop agreements that balance our service and environmental obligations
  • Monitor new and amended regulatory proposals and recommend changes to minimize adverse environmental and economic impacts
  • Ensure that internal policies support the goals of this statement


Environmental regulations present an opportunity to ensure that our operations meet local, state and federal environmental regulatory obligations. We will:

  • Develop and implement compliance programs to meet all applicable regulatory requirements
  • Surpass minimum requirements when reasonable

Best management practices

Our own experiences, along with those of others, help guide our business practices. We will:

  • Develop and implement practicable best management practices that reduce adverse environmental impacts

Science and technology

Technological development and best available science are keys to reducing or eliminating adverse environmental impacts. We will:

  • Monitor and support promising technologies that may lead to improvements in TPU operations
  • Participate in research and trials of new technologies that may improve system operations, provide environmental benefits and reduce utility costs
  • Evaluate climate change impacts using best available science
  • Participate in studies that lead to a better understanding of the species and ecosystems affected by our operations

Habitat and species protection
The lands, waters and ecosystems entrusted to our care provide habitat for native fish and wildlife, provide clean water, protect soils and provide recreational opportunities. We will:

  • Responsibly manage and protect the thousands of acres of land and hundreds of miles of streams, rivers and shorelines owned and managed by Tacoma Public Utilities
  • Use science, technology and good judgment when managing fish and wildlife populations
  • Collaborate with neighboring communities, agencies and tribes to manage the natural systems that we influence

We promote the wise use of energy, water and other resources. We will:

  • Encourage the responsible use of energy, water, and resources by our employees and customers
  • Seek practical ways to reduce energy and material needs of the utility
  • Promote recycling and reuse


As a major employer in the area and an organization that serves most of Pierce County, we can help shape environmental attitudes and behaviors. We will:

  • Help our employees understand their role in meeting our environmental objectives
  • Assist and encourage our customers to use energy and water wisely


We are committed to reasonable, environmentally friendly transportation solutions. We will:  

  • Partner with national and regional environmental agencies to identify opportunities for transportation emissions mitigation solutions
  • Look for opportunities to limit emissions from utility-owned and personal vehicles
  • Participate in developing new technologies that reduce our environmental impact
  • Provide employees with alternative transportation opportunities


Environmental Report

Our inaugural Environmental Report is a comprehensive summary of the contributions Tacoma Power, Tacoma Water and Tacoma Rail have made to the environmental health of the communities we serve and the areas where we have facilities.