Tacoma Rail has 204 miles of track in three operating divisions within Pierce, Thurston and Lewis counties. Headquarters are in Tacoma, Washington, with an operations center staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Trains operate around the clock to meet the needs of our customers.

The three divisions are:

Tacoma Rail has different rate structures depending on the operating division where the freight is moved. You can find an explanation of each division's rates and interchanges in the links above.

Freight charges covered by public tariffs can be found here.

Demurrage rules, charges and dispute procedures for all divisions are found here.

Tacoma Rail serves about 65 customers. To determine whether we serve a customer and their location, please click here, or contact our Marketing Department at (253) 396-3339 or jclark@cityoftacoma.org. You can also see a directory of all of the reloads, transloads and warehouses we serve.

If you are a contractor and wish to bid on Tacoma Rail projects follow this link for Current Contracting Opportunities. Tacoma Rail project are administered through the City of Tacoma bid process.

If you are an individual that wishes to buy used railroad ties for personal use, call (253) 396-3283 for information and availability.

If you are interested in purchasing scrap and surplus property, follow this link for information on the City of Tacoma's Surplus Property offerings and procedures.